The Complete Works of Sangharakshita

The Complete Works of Sangharakshita include all his previously published work, as well as talks, seminars and writings published for the first time. This collection represents the definitive edition of his life’s work as a Buddhist writer and teacher.


Mindfully Facing Disease and Death

“These teachings invite us to integrate their guidance directly into the laboratory of our own meditation practice and life, in the spirit of deep investigation and inquiry.” – From the Foreword, Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Dr Ambedkar and the Revival of Buddhism I

The eagerly awaited Complete Works of Sangharakshita begins with Volume 9 on Dr Ambedkar and the revival of Buddhism. One of the most far-reaching of Sangharakshita’s contributions to modern Buddhism was giving shape to the Buddhist conversion movement begun by the great Indian statesman and reformer, Dr B.R. Ambedkar.

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Great Faith, Great Wisdom

Ratnaguna’s commentary on the three Pure Land Sutras contains new translations by Śraddhāpa.

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Buddhist Meditation

Kamalashila’s classic text on all aspects of Buddhist meditation.

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Mindfulness for Women

Vidyamala Burch and Claire Irvin present a popular new take on mindfulness.

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