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eBooks direct from the source

You are now able to purchase most of our Windhorse Publications eBooks direct from this site without Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption applied. Read more

Alternatively, you may want to purchase your eBook from your favourite etailer. To find out if the book you're after is available from them, go to the title on our site. Then click the 'eBook' tab below the sales information.

Help with downloading your eBook

When you have purchased and paid for your eBook, you will receive an email containing links from which to download your epub and mobi files. Read more

If you have any problems accessing your eBook, please first check our eBooks help page as many issues you may encounter are dealt with there. And if you still have difficulty downloading your eBook, please contact us at

Here are the DRM-free eBooks available to purchase directly from the Windhorse Publications website:

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