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A Survey of Buddhism

A Survey of Buddhism




"In taking my look at Buddhism, I was concerned to see Buddhism in its full breath and in its ultimate depth, that is to say, I was concerned (1) to see Buddhism as a whole and (2) to see it in its deeper interconnections both within itself and in relation to the spiritual life of the individual Buddhist.”

Highly acclaimed at its first appearance in 1957 and now in its ninth edition

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ISBN: 9780904766936

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A Survey of Buddhism
Its Doctrines and Methods Through the Ages


A Survey of Buddhism continues to provide an indispensable study of the entire field of Buddhist thought and practice, placing its development in a historical context.

‘I recommend Sangharakshita’s book as the best survey of Buddhism’
Dr Edward Conze, author of Buddhism: Its Essence and Development and translator of Buddhist Wisdom Books and The Perfection of Wisdom in 8,000 Lines

‘...simply the most complete single volume survey of all the major doctrines and traditions in the development of Buddhism.’
Buddhist Peace Fellowship

DRM-free (epub and mobi formats)
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