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Visions of Mahayana Buddhism

Visions of Mahayana Buddhism



"Mahayana Buddhism embodies an explosion of the spiritual imagination which continues to reverberate through the cosmos. This book seeks to open a portal, or even a series of portals, into this imaginative universe. But these portals disclose not just the doctrines that underpin Mahayana traditions, for ideas are condensations of spiritual imagination which may function as sets of directions - or even maps -  guiding us towards the imaginative spaces that produced them."


'A very helpful introduction and overview of this complex, fascinating tradition'

- David Loy


Price: 12.99
ISBN: 9781899579976


Visions of Mahayana Buddhism

In a unique overview of this inspiring tradition, Nagapriya introduces its themes and huge spectrum of practices, literature, and movements. Charting the evolution and expression of the Mahayana as a whole, he tracks its movement across South and East Asia, uncovering its history, culture, and doctrines and blending this extensive knowledge with a strong element of lived practice.

Ideal for both teaching and personal use, this far-reaching and imaginative guide provides a solid foundation for any study in Buddhism and a valuable voice on Asian history.

Paperback, 288 pages - Published 30/06/2009

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