Imagining the Buddha

Sangharakshita has said that ‘To live the Buddhist life, to become like the Buddha, we must imagine the Buddha.’ But what is the imagination? Why is it so important to the Buddhist life? And how can we actually bring the image of the Buddha alive in the modern world? At Windhorse Publications, we have been … [ Read More ]

Join Kamalashila in imagining the Buddha

Over the last couple of months, Kamalashila has been launching his new book ‘Buddhist Meditation: Tranquillity, Imagination and Insight’ at Buddhist centres across the UK. If you didn’t manage to attend one of these events, you can listen to the short talk he gave at the West London Buddhist Centre on ’Tranquillity, Imagination and Insight: … [ Read More ]

Mindful eating: How to think more and eat less

Mindful eating: How to think more and eat less It’s not often that we think of eating as anything more than a basic functional or sensual experience. But bringing our full awareness to what we consume can have a powerful and transformative affect on ourselves and the world around us. Last week Kulananda, mindfulness trainer … [ Read More ]