Sangharakshita on love and fidelity

On the power mode and the love mode Love which is the positive form of the First Precept is no mere flabby sentiment but the vigorous expression of an imaginative identification with other living beings. ‘Love’ is in fact far too week a word for the positive counterpart of non-killing or non-violence. Just as killing … [ Read More ]

Up to 70% off selected titles in our Spring Sale!

Up to 70% off selected titles in our Spring Sale!

In our Spring Sale, we are offering 40% off the following titles for all of our online customers. Those with Standard Membership will receive a 55% total discount and those with Lifetime Membership will receive a huge 70% total discount! Buddha Mind     Hello at Last     Meaning in Life     A Path for Parents     Saving the Earth     … [ Read More ]

Not About Being Good courses in London and Dublin

Interested in exploring how to live ethically in the world? The London Buddhist Centre and the Dublin Buddhist Centre are both running six-week Not About Being Good courses this February. The London course begins on Wednesday February 26th, led by Subhadramati, the author of Not About Being Good. The Dublin course begins on Thursday February 20th, led … [ Read More ]