This week’s free eBook and two upcoming books by Anālayo

This week we’re giving away the eBook edition of A Guide to the Bodhisattvas by Vessantara. Bodhisattvas, or ‘Enlightenment Beings’, are dedicated to one thing: working endlessly in the service of living beings, helping them to achieve Enlightenment. This book introduces a panoply of archetypal bodhisattvas from the Buddhist tradition and their visualization practices, including … [ Read More ]

This week’s offers

Free eBooks This week we’re delighted to be giving away Ritual and Devotion in Buddhism: An Introduction by Sangharakshita, which leads the reader through the Sevenfold Puja and gives a feeling for the depth of spiritual practice to be contacted through reciting devotional verses, making offerings and chanting mantras. It’s not too late to download … [ Read More ]

This week’s free eBook and this month’s discounted paperbacks

This week we’re giving away the eBook edition of The Yogi’s Joy by Sangharakshita. Sangharakshita was particularly drawn to Milarepa and his hundred thousand songs of liberation. Milarepa was a fascinating character who lived in Tibet in the 11th century CE. Bitter and vengeful as a young man, he underwent a gruelling and humbling discipleship … [ Read More ]