Sailing the Worldly WindsSailing the Worldly Winds: A Buddhist Way Through the Ups and Downs of Life by Vajragupta is a classic teaching which is becoming a classic book. With its continuing popularity, we lost no time in recently reprinting it.

This book focuses on the Buddha’s teaching of the worldly winds, how we can learn to navigate them more effectively, so that we can sail safely through life rather than being blown off course, however stormy the weather. It is about cultivating a more even minded attitude to life, yet one that is still engaged, interested, concerned, and not passive or indifferent to what is happening around us. – Vajragupta

The Buddha had clear guidance on how to rise above the ‘worldly winds’. Using reflections, exercises and suggestions for daily practice, this book can help you find greater equanimity and perspective in the ups and downs – big and small – of everyday life.

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Learn more about the worldly winds in Vajragupta’s introductory video to the book. (And find out how the parking space in front of his house gave him good material for reflection!)

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