Just Released

Four new volumes of The Complete Works of Sangharakshita are now published: A Survey of Buddhism/The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path, Milarepa and the Art of Discipleship I and II, and Facing Mount Kanchenjunga. 

Sponsor I'll Meet You There

An excellent book on empathy that teases out the centrality of this value in Buddhism as the foundation for the cultivation of compassion and loving kindness. – Stephen Batchelor

I’ll Meet You There: A Practical Guide to Empathy, Mindfulness and Communication is coming in June

Wild Awake

“This is a seriously beautiful book – beautiful writing about beautiful places –

and a wise one too. Get out there – but take Wild Awake with you.”

– Sara Maitland, author of Gossip from the Forest.

Wild Awake: Alone, Offline and Aware in Nature by Vajragupta

is now available in paperback or eBook formats.

Sponsor Satipatthāna

This is a pearl of a book. It is a treasure-house of practical teachings, rendered accessible with a clear and simple eloquence, and with praiseworthy skill and grace. – Ajahn Amaro

Satipatthāna Meditation: A Practice Guide is coming in July.

A Meditator's Life of the Buddha

Anālayo’s new book “not only paints a very human picture of the Buddha’s life, but through the exercises attached to each chapter it enables the reader to join the Buddha on his quest for enlightenment and beyond, into his mission as a teacher and through to his parinirvāṇa or passing away.” – Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

Free eBook

A reliable and far-reaching guide to the Buddhist path, this is one of our long-standing bestsellers. Beginners and knowledgeable Buddhists alike will find an excellent overview of principal ideas and teachings in this book by the esteemed Sangharakshita. Free.