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We find ourselves in an unprecedented situation. There is a lot to respond to, to think about and to process. Staying at home, you might well be spending more time online than ever. Perhaps your thoughts and emotions have taken on the pace and tone of newsfeeds and daily data: quick, scattered, and emotionally overwhelming.

In this month’s Stay at Home Sale we’ve gathered five books that can help us slow down and engage at a more integrating pace. Each offers help on how to reflect on a changing world in grounded, embodied and fruitful ways. We’re offering one third off these titles during April – buy one, or buy them all. We’re also offering free shipping on all orders (excluding subscription orders for Sangharakshita’s Complete Works).

The first book is The Art of Reflection by Ratnaguna. He guides us through a process of thinking that is more reflective and spacious than our usual scattered and habitual mind allows. He shows us how to think through things thoroughly, and take on wiser and more loving perspectives. If you’re looking for prompts for reflecting in this way, there’s nothing quite like our second book, the Dhammapada. Containing the pith teachings of the Buddha, each verse is a world of understanding.

The next two books address core Buddhist teachings. In This Being, That Becomes, Dhivan writes about conditionality; what he calls the “principle of understanding reality”. Philosophically engaging, this is also a practical explanation of “how suffering arises in human experience and how we can bring about the ceasing of that same suffering.” Dhivan introduces ‘conditionality diagrams’ to help us reflect on the conditions of our lives and our mental states. Satipatthana: The Direct Path to Realization is a fantastic introduction to one of the core texts of early Buddhism that integrates meditation and reflection through mindfulness on the body, feelings, mind and truth. Its author is the scholar and practitioner, Bhikkhu Anālayo. He brings both of these interests to his exploration of this sutta at the heart of Buddhist mindfulness and reflection.

The last of our April sales books is Free Time! from clock-watching to free-flowing, a Buddhist guide. If you’ve enjoyed Vajragupta’s Sailing the Worldly Winds you’ll enjoy this, his latest book. It is a fascinating investigation into the relationship between our mental states and our experience of time. If you have time on your hands, want to relax, learn how to flow and experience timelessness, this is a book for you.

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