Week 2 of free eBooks with ‘Free the Dharma’

For this week’s eBook give away we’ve chosen Vajragupta’s Sailing the Worldly Winds. The Buddha talked about being blown about by circumstances beyond our control, and described our usual and often ineffective strategies to try to shore ourselves up. He called these the Worldly Winds. Vajragupta explores these patterns of hanging on and being blown about. The … [ Read More ]

Windhorse Publications’ farewell party for Priyananda, Lee Walford and Ratnaghosha

On Monday, 24th February we held a farewell party at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre for Priyananda, Lee Walford and Ratnaghosha. Between them, they’ve given Windhorse Publications over twenty-five years of service. Priyananda, our outgoing director who’s retiring from full-time employment, was appointed to the post ten years ago. He’s overseen the publication of more than forty … [ Read More ]

Announcing our new books for 2020

We’re thrilled to announce the first six of the new books we’ll be publishing in 2020. Three of them are now available for sponsorship. Why sponsor a book? Publishing in the 21st century is all about adapting to challenging conditions, with lower profits from online sales and increased competition from digital formats. At Windhorse Publications we … [ Read More ]

‘Refreshingly original, beautifully written, and crystal clear’: Free Time!, the new book by Vajragupta

Windhorse Publications is very pleased to announce the release of Free Time! from clock-watching to free-flowing, a Buddhist guide, the latest book by Vajragupta Staunton, author of Buddhism: Tools for Living Your Life, Sailing the Worldly Winds, The Triratna Story, and Wild Awake. In our fast moving world many people can feel their time is … [ Read More ]

The Complete Works team at Adhisthana

The beginning of April saw the publication of the four latest volumes in The Complete Works of Sangharakshita, bringing the total number of published volumes to twelve. With fifteen more volumes yet to be published, this ambitious project, due for completion in 2024, is almost at its halfway point. Last week members of the Complete … [ Read More ]

Read about the most positive female role models imaginable this International Women’s Day

Read about the most positive female role models imaginable this International Women’s Day

Tomorrow, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. What better way to spend it than engaging with Vessantara’s Female Deities in Buddhism – we are offering 40% off the book in our Spring Sale! “Western women often grow up feeling rather impoverished in the area of positive female role models. In these pages you will come upon the … [ Read More ]

Sangharakshita on love and fidelity

On the power mode and the love mode Love which is the positive form of the First Precept is no mere flabby sentiment but the vigorous expression of an imaginative identification with other living beings. ‘Love’ is in fact far too week a word for the positive counterpart of non-killing or non-violence. Just as killing … [ Read More ]

The Eternal Legacy

The Eternal Legacy

 For many of us, the book that changed our life wouldn’t have been written without the man who changed his life and became the Buddha. And although he didn’t write anything down, we have the entire body of Buddhist canonical literature that has been given to us by our ancestors – what Sangharakshita has described … [ Read More ]

Live your life with full attention!

Live your life with full attention!

This September and October, the London Buddhist Centre and the Cambridge Buddhist centre are running the popular Life With Full Attention course, based on Maitreyabandhu’s best-selling book, Life With Full Attention. Life With Full Attention is a practical course in mindfulness – it’s about finding more enjoyment and vibrancy in the midst of life, even a busy … [ Read More ]