Sangharakshita celebrated his 88th birthday yesterday, so we thought it would be a good time to reflect on everything he has given us here at Windhorse Publications. Because, to put things simply, we wouldn’t be here without him! Publishing the works of Sangharakshita is where we started and what we’re all about – we have over 30 of his books in print, including the classic A Guide to the Buddhist Path, one of our bestselling titles. Here’s a short video of Priyananda on why it is the best book out there for those who are looking for an introduction to Sangharakshita’s work.

A Guide to the Buddhist Path is now available in ebook format, as are an increasing number of his books. Four more ebooks by Sangharakshita were released this month: The Ten Pillars of Buddhism, Transforming Self and World, Beating the Drum and Dear Dinoo. Just a quick glance at these titles shows both the breadth and depth of Sangharakshita’s understanding of Buddhism, along with the strength of his commitment to share the fruits of his understanding with others.

After becoming a Buddhist at the age of fifteen, Sangharakshita developed a vision: ‘To make known the Buddha’s Path to Enlightenment and to co-operate, in love and understanding, with all who truly seek the same goal’ (Sangharakshita, Moving Against the Stream: The Birth of a New Buddhist Movement). Many years later, Sangharakshita founded the Triratna Buddhist Community, a community which would become one of the most successful Buddhist movements in the modern world.

As Subhuti explains, ‘The whole meaning and purpose of Sangharakshita’s life is to bring about the renewal of Buddhism throughout the world. The work is never finished and he is continuously unfolding his vision more fully’ (Sangharakshita: A New Voice in the Buddhist Tradition).

May we at Windhorse Publications continue to unfold Sangharakshita’s vision more fully too.

Happy Birthday Bhante!

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