There are just three weeks to go before the publication of our latest book, The Dark Side of the Mirror: forgetting the self in Dōgen’s Genjō Kōan,by respected Buddhist teacher and author David Brazier.

Genjō Kōanis the most important chapter in Zen master Dōgen’s principal major work, the Shōbōgenzō. Although Genjō Kōanis familiar to Buddhists both east and west, it is still not well understood. This new translation and commentary draws back the curtain revealing the deeper meaning of the text in language that will be as transparent to the general reader as it is informative to the specialist.

Praise for ‘The Dark Side of the Mirror’:

Brazier makes this medieval Japanese text highly accessible to the modern reader – and to the student of Dogen – by focusing on the text as a fundamental guide to Zen Buddhist practice.

Ryugin Rita Cummings, San Francisco Zen Center

David Brazier’s remarkable book transcends the limited and stereotypical perception of Dogen prevalent in the West. It does so by placing Dogen squarely within the broader religious milieu of his time and capturing Dogen’s distinctive spiritual insights expressed in his Genjō Kōan.

Kenneth K. Tanaka, Professor Emeritus, Musashino University

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