The Complete Works of SangharakshitaSangharakshita turned 91 on 26 August this year. This greatly respected teacher has left a legacy of wise and clearly written (and spoken) work introducing and going deeper into the Dharma. His books include such classics as The Bodhisattva Ideal, A Guide to the Buddhist Path and The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path. His writings go far to clarify the practices for the Buddhist order he founded, the Triratna Order, which is worldwide, and adaptable to very different countries, as seen by its establishment and growth in India, Europe, Australasia and the US.

When Sangharakshita turned 90, he asked (as a birthday present) that all his work would be gathered in one collection so it could be easily accessed by future generations. Windhorse Publications took on this challenge, and, in collaboration with the editorial team led by Kalyanaprabha and Vidyadevi, started the Complete Works project.

Just one year later, the first volume of these writings is ready to be released. Like Star Wars movies, content takes precedent over chronology, and Volume 9, entitled Dr Ambedkar and the Revival of Buddhism I, will be the first to be published in early October, with an elegant cover by Dhammarati. Sangharakshita explains clearly why Dr. Ambedkar – who led the mass conversion of Dalit people to Buddhism in India sixty years ago – is of continuing relevance to all Buddhists worldwide. Read the Foreword written by Subhuti or view Volume 9 here. One of the next volumes to be published will be Volume 3, The Three Jewels. This will include Who is the Buddha?, What is the Dharma?, and What is the Sangha? (currently out of print). We expect this to be released in March 2017.

We offer subscriptions for the whole set of The Complete Works of Sangharakshita,in eBook, paperback and hardback editions. Subscribing now allows you to receive by post each volume when it is published, over six years. It also offers a large savings over buying each volume individually. Find more information on our website.

We hope Sangharakshita is happy with how his Complete Works are turning out. Windhorse Publications is honoured to be publishing the collected writings of a teacher who has inspired so many.

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