There are just 5 days to go until the end of our Indiegogo fundraising campaign for Eight Step Recovery: Using the Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction and we still need to raise just over $500 to reach our target. Can you help by donating to the campaign? If we don’t meet our target Indiegogo will take a bigger cut of our funds raised, so any amount that you can give today will be greatly appreciated.

If you are a UK tax payer, please donate through our website; if you not a UK tax payer, donate through Indiegogo. Donations of over £30 or $50 will receive a copy of Eight Step Recovery as soon as it goes to print, so by giving to the campaign you will be pre-ordering the book at the same time as contributing to the appeal.

By donating to our Eight Step Recovery campaign you will help bring this important new book to more people throughout the world. Please do consider making a donation. In Valerie’s words, “These teachings saved my life, and I believe that they will help to save other people’s lives too. So please do help with our campaign. Be part of this new movement of Buddhism and recovery, get on board and help us put the message out there.”

Thank you!