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This is a book about friendship – about the Buddhist ideals of spiritual friendship and the author’s personal experience. By turns moving, funny, and inspirational, Maitreyabandhu’s account is as compelling as a good novel.

Woven into the tapestry of the many different aspects of friendship, such as openness, communication, fidelity, and altruism, is the colourful thread of Maitreyabanhdu’s own experiences – from childhood and adolescence, through to his quest for life’s meaning and his wholehearted engagement with Buddhism.

Writing with refreshing candour and humility, Maitreyabandhu does not shy away from those crucial and intimate issues that concern us all – aloneness, sexuality, and falling in love. His frank explorations are softened by his ability to laugh at himself.

Maitreyabandhu urges us to place friendship above every other human concern that can be imagined. By the end of this book you might want to do just that.