None of us have lived through times like this before. The Dharma gives us tools to work with our everyday minds. It also offers strong medicine for strong times.

This week’s free eBook is Tales of Freedom. You can download it here. Its author, Vessantara, tackles how to work with our minds when the chips are down. Vessantara is one of Triratna’s most experienced retreat and meditation leaders. He is also a very good storyteller. He shows us that we can find freedom even when life isn’t easy or predictable. Freedom of the kind the Buddha taught is possible whatever your situation. Even when it’s extreme. Even in a crisis.

This book is full of deeply inspiring stories of people who have sought freedom through showing integrity, wishing for the wellbeing of others, and taking radical responsibility for their minds. We can walk in their footsteps. At a time when you may feel out of control, these teachings urge you to keep your initiative and go beyond your worry and fear.

It’s been a real delight giving away eBooks – more than 800 copies of Solitude and Loneliness have been downloaded in the last two weeks. If you missed out, you can still buy the eBook here or the print edition here. You can still download our second free eBook, Sailing the Worldly Winds here until the 13th of April.

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Wishing you well, whatever your life is like right now.

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