We’ll be publishing Devamitra’s wonderful new memoir, Entertaining Cancer, very soon.

We’re pleased to announce that Entertaining Cancer will be our first worldwide release: the paperback edition will be available from our US distributors at the same time as it’s available from our distributors in the UK.

If you’ve not yet pre-ordered your copy, you can do so using one of the buttons below, depending on your location.

UK & Europe: Pre-order ‘Entertaining Cancer’ US & Canada: Pre-order ‘Entertaining Cancer’

Online book launch for Entertaining Cancer

To celebrate the release of Entertaining Cancer, we’ll be hosting an online book launch, in collaboration with The Buddhist Centre Online.

Date: Monday, 7th February 2022
Time: 19:00 – 20:30 GMT
Format: Sthiramanas in conversation with the book’s author, Devamitra, followed by a question-and-answer session

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Team picks: The Burning House

Welcome to our new Team picks feature: book recommendations written by members of the Windhorse Publications team. First up is Marketing Co-ordinator Walter Monticelli, writing about Shantigarbha’s The Burning House.

“If you are someone who reads the news and is sensitive to the current climate crisis, you have a general sense of what this book is looking at. But do you truly understand the scale of the adversities we face?

Shantigarbha, author of The Burning House, is here to shed light on the broader aspects of the current climate emergency as well as his personal experience of it.

The book expands on Shantigarbha’s personal experience of taking part in Extinction Rebellion’s demonstrations by leading training in nonviolent communication and de-escalation of tension, to include topics such as empathy, gratitude, interconnectedness, anger and grief, and activism. Delving into Buddhist ethics, we also learn about how to better appreciate life in all its forms and living skilfully in order to aid the planet we live on.

As I was reading the book it became clearer that looking at climate change through the lens of Buddhism can play a major role in better understanding the issue whilst shaking the reader out of complacency, to take action.”

Walter Monticelli

book cover with orange circle in the middle and greenish edges

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