Kalyanaprabha, editor of the Complete Works project

Every two weeks Vidyadevi, Priyananda and I come together by Skype for a meeting where editors (Vidyadevi and myself) and publishers (Priyananda for Windhorse Publications) can discuss the many different issues that are arising as we move ahead with our enormous – and enormously inspiring – project. What are we going to do about diacritics? How can we ensure consistency of style? What about typesetting, design, proofreading? And so on. Windhorse Publications has published over seventy titles of Bhante’s so there is a great deal of experience there – but for all of us, bringing out a Complete Works is new. We are fortunate that our production team has long experience of working on Sangharakshita’s books, including Shantavira and Ruth Rudd, who are involved in copyediting and typesetting, and Dhammarati, who will be overseeing design.

Our small team, some of whom are donating their time and skills for free, are very much aware of the fundraising that is going on in the background, without which our project cannot be completed. But the funds are coming to the JustGiving page, and there is a sense of a growing groundswell of interest and enthusiasm for this 90th birthday present to Bhante. In case you are wondering, the money that is collected is going to Uddiyana, the charity that administers funding for Sangharakshita. Uddiyana will then fund me as part-time editor, as well as help fund the costs for the books, all of which are to be produced as ‘durable hardback, affordable softback and searchable digital’.

Sometimes I stop and imagine five years ahead. Will Bhante still be with us, I wonder? I hope so. But should he no longer be with us in body, in many other ways he will still be with us. And he will be with us especially through his Complete Works – a corpus of teaching common to the whole of Triratna, teachings of such enormous diversity of subject matter, works that combine Bhante’s exceptional lucidity, penetration and humanity. There really is nothing else quite like them.

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