International Urban Retreat 2015Later this month (21st – 28th November), Triratna Centres around the world will be taking part in the International Urban Retreat. The theme of the retreat is ‘Living in the Greater Mandala’, based on Sangharakshita’s teachings on developing appreciation and spaciousness through a greater eye for beauty. These ideas are expressed in Sangharakshita’s Wisdom Beyond Words – a free excerpt from the book is available here.

You can create your own beautiful Buddhist images with the help of The Windhorse Colouring Book. Colouring in the images can be a journey of discovery; contemplating them can lead you to the qualities of generosity, fearlessness, wisdom and compassion that characterize the mind. This new edition presents Aloka’s original images in a new improved format. Find out more on our website.

The theme of the Arts as spiritual practice also runs through Maitreyabandhu’s new book, The Journey and the Guide. Maitreyabandhu will be giving a talk on poetry and receptivity as part of the Urban Retreat – you’ll be able to watch it online on Tuesday 24th November. Just follow the Urban Retreat page on The Buddhist Centre Online.

We were able to publish Maitreyabandhu’s book thanks to the generosity of many sponsors. Please visit our website to find out how you can help us publish our new books.

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