We hope you had a good start to the year.  We at Windhorse Publications would like to let you know what’s coming up in the first half of the year.  Three new volumes of the Complete Works of Sangharakshita will be launched in March, and a new book, Mindful Emotion, by Drs Paramabandhu Groves and Jed Shamel will be available from May.

The Complete Works of Sangharakshita: Three new volumes (in hardback, paperback and eBook formats) will be released in March.  Subscribers will receive them upon publication, and all volumes will be for available for individual purchase.  You can become a subscriber here.  The new volumes will be:

  • The Rainbow Road from Tooting Broadway to Kalimpong, which contains Sangharakshita’s memoir, The Rainbow Road, which has been long out of print, and a foreword by editor Kalyanaprabha, with reflections on autobiography and the novel and how reading Sangharakshita’s memoirs can be a kind of spiritual friendship (kalyana mitrata).

‘We are able to see the world through his eyes, find out how he responded to events, and how he saw them – what was his perspective – and how, through his experiences of life, he grew.’ –Kalyanaprabha in the Foreword

  • The Three Jewels II, which contains What is the Dharma? and two previously out of print titles: What is the Sangha? and Who is the Buddha?. This volume also contains new endnotes, which take the reader to the original sources of the many teachings given in these commentaries, i.e. to the Buddha’s teachings in the Pali Canon and Mahayana Sutras.

‘A great range of cherished topics are approached with love and the desire to have them clearly understood, and, again, to overturn common misunderstandings.’ –Vidyadevi in the Foreword

  • Mahayana Myths and Stories, which brings together the commentaries on The White Lotus Sutra, The Sutra of Golden Light and the Vimalakīrti-Nirdeśa. This volume contains:
    • The Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment
    • The Priceless Jewel (essay)
    • Transforming Self and World
    • The Inconceivable Emancipation
    • New endnotes reflecting original sources

A Foreword by Ratnaguna reflects on how these myths and stories ‘invite us to re-imagine our lives’ with their ‘descriptions of fantastic, utopian worlds, gorgeous imagery, and magic’. He relates the way in which his own life was touched by the magic Sangharakshita communicated to him.

‘Up until then I’d viewed my spiritual problems as negative. They were holding me up, blocking my progress on the path to Buddhahood, and I wished that I didn’t have them. On hearing [one of the lectures in this volume], I realized that they weren’t blocking the path, they were the path. They weren’t in the way, they were the way. Rather than needing to rid myself of them, I need to cherish them, painful as they might be.’– Ratnaguna in the Foreword

Mindful Emotion:  A Short Course in Kindness by Dr Paramabandhu Groves and Dr Jed Shamel will be launching in May.  Thanks to our sponsors for helping us publish this book.  The authors have drawn on their clinical experience as well as Buddhism to develop a practical course in cultivating kindness, intended to complement and augment other mindfulness-based approaches. They present this training as an eight-week course.

‘Mindful Emotion – A Short Course in Kindness is a stimulating guide and training program that uses the analogy of cultivating a garden that results in the finest flowers and fruits to illustrate the process of cultivating kindness toward others. A variety of secular-based mindfulness meditation instructions and thoughtful exercises support this process of creating a garden of kindness, which is what our world so badly needs right now.’ – Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron, author of Good Karma: How to Create the Causes of Happiness and Avoid the Causes of Suffering

In Other News …

Spanish-language editions of Life with Full Attention (Vivir con Atención Plena) by Maitreyabandhu and Eight-Step Recovery (Mindfulness y las Adicciones) by Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John and Dr Paramabandhu Groves are now available from our website.  These translations are published by the Barcelona-based Editorial Siglantana.

Other than Mother: Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind by Kamalamani is now available from our website.


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