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Do you want to live your life awake and with full attention? In the midst of family, work, relationships, technology and all the craziness going on in the world, we offer an eight-week course designed to shine the light of mindfulness into your life. The course is offered though the book Life with Full Attention by Maitreyabandhu, and this accompanying app.

Each week has an introduction to the theme of the week, a practical exercise, a guided meditation and a poem.

We’ll start relatively simply with ‘day-to-day’ mindfulness, remembering to recharge your phone or to call a friend. After that we’ll explore mindfulness of the body, mindfulness of sensations, inner narratives, spiritual teachings, the environment, other people, and finally reality itself.

We’ll take it a step at a time, learning one aspect of full attention then adding another as we go along. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to engage with this course. We’re not going to rush into metaphysics: we’re going to take it a step at a time.

Maitreyabandhu, the author of this course, is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order – an international Buddhist order devoted to communicating the practices, attitudes and insights of Buddhism. He has been practising mindfulness and meditation for over 30 years and in this course he shares his experience of that with you.

You don’t have to be a Buddhist to gain from this course; you don’t have to be particularly ‘spiritual’. All you need is curiosity, a desire to learn, and a willingness to put what you learn into practice.

The app is free, and accompanies the book Life with Full Attention, written by Maitreyabandhu. You can follow the course on your own, or find a live group course at your local Triratna Buddhist centre.

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Look no further than this app for your ultimate meditation companion! With a blend of guided meditations, soothing poems, and captivating videos, the ‘Life with Full Attention’ app offers a transformative journey to inner peace and self-discovery.

🌟 Guided Meditations 🌟

Unwind your mind and embark on a transformative journey with our diverse range of guided meditations. From stress relief to better sleep, anxiety management to increased focus, our meditation teachers will gently guide you through each session. The app offers meditation for all levels, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner.

📜 Enriching Poems 📜

Experience the power of words and dive into enriching poems. Our handpicked collection of poetic expressions will resonate deep within your heart. Let the verses touch you, to inspire profound contemplation and creativity.

🎥 Captivating Videos 🎥

Immerse yourself in home practice guided videos. Designed to complement meditation practices, the videos offer guided input from our teachers to help you with your practice on and off the cushion.

🔒 Your Peaceful Oasis 🔒

The app prioritises your privacy and security. Rest assured, all your data is encrypted and kept confidential. We want you to focus solely on your inner peace without any worries.

🌈 Join Our Vibrant Community 🌈

Connect with like-minded individuals and join our vibrant community. Share your experiences, insights, and progress, and find support and encouragement from fellow practitioners.


Privacy policy: this app does not collect any user data.

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