New ebooks from Windhorse Publications

Some of our best-selling new releases are now available as ebooks! Kamalashila’s Buddhist Meditation, Jinananda’s Meditating, Robin Cooper’s (Ratnaprabha’s) Finding the Mind and Sarvananda’s Solitude and Loneliness are all available to purchase at Kindle, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Sangharakshita’s classic A Guide to the Buddhist Path is also up for sale on these sites.

Also with Detox Your Heart and Wildmind we have produced our first enhanced ebooks. With these ebooks you receive free audio files of guided meditations.

Our ebooks are also going out to more etailers. Look out for our ebooks on sites such as Blackwells, Tesco and Foyles.

You can visit our website for a full list of our ebooks, and please keep in touch to let us know what you think of them!