To celebrate the change of season, we’re offering 50% off selected paperbacks for a limited time. The titles in the sale are listed below. To find out more about a title, click on the link in blue.

Title and author                                                                    RRP            Sale price

Meaning in Life by Sarvananda                                             £3.99              £1.99

A Path for Parents by Karunagita                                        £11.99              £5.99

A Guide to the Deities of the Tantra by Vessantara             £11.99              £5.99

The Windhorse Colouring Book by Āloka                             £9.99              £4.99

Tales of Freedom by Vessantara                                         £10.99             £5.49

Thicker Than Blood by Maitreyabandhu                              £9.99              £4.99

Vegetarianism by Bodhipaksa                                             £6.99              £3.49

The Poet’s Way by Manjusvara                                           £8.99              £4.49

The Triratna Story by Vajragupta                                        £9.99               £4.99

Please note, this offer applies only to customers buying directly from our website.