Books by Vidyamala, Vishvapani and Kulananda

Four popular books by Triratna authors are now available on our website: Vidyamala Burch’s Living Well with Pain and Illness and Mindfulness for Health, Vishvapani Blomfield’s Gautama Buddha and Kulananda (Michael Chaskalson)’s Mindfulness in Eight Weeks.

Vidyamala Burch is founder and co-Director of Breathworks, an organization which offers mindfulness and compassion-based approaches to illness. Her books have helped numerous people live well with chronic pain, illness and stress.

Vishvapani‘s highly acclaimed Gautama Buddha provides the fullest and most plausible account of the Buddha’s life yet. This insightful and thought-provoking biography will appeal to anyone interested in the Buddha, not only as the Enlightened individual and spiritual teacher, but also as a thinker and seminal cultural figure.

In Mindfulness in Eight Weeks, Kulananda draws from his extensive experience as a mindfulness instructor to put forward a revolutionary plan to detox, de-stress and de-clutter your mind.

You can find out more about all four books on our website.

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