Manjusvara was born David Keefe, in Hertfordshire, England in 1953. After studying composition at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and research in electronic music at the University of Durham, he went on to write music for films, dance, and the theatre.

In 1987 he was ordained within the Triratna Buddhist Order and given the name ‘Manjusvara’, which means ‘gentle music’. For a number of years he worked for the Buddhist charity Karuna Trust, becoming Director of Fund-raising and Newsletter Editor.

From the early 1990s Manjusvara divided his time between fundraising and writing for the Karuna Trust, and writing (poetry, criticism and fiction), editing, and teaching. His poems and essays appeared in leading journals in England and America, and he was the editor for Weatherlight Press.

Manjusvara co-led the Wolf at the Door writing workshops, teaching regularly throughout the world. His published books are Writing Your Way (Windhorse Publications, 2005) and The Poet’s Way (Windhorse Publications 2010). He died in June 2011.

A talk by Manjusvara: ‘The Poet’s Way’

Manjusvara on The Poet’s Way

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