Subhuti was born Alex Kennedy, in Chatham, England, in 1947. He joined the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1973 and has since devoted himself to the practice and teaching of Buddhism. He has played a significant role in establishing both the London Buddhist Centre, and the Guhyaloka retreat centre in Spain. He has also helped develop the training process to prepare men to join the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Since 2000, Subhuti has been a member of the College of Public Preceptors, to which the founder of Triratna, Sangharakshita, handed on his responsibilities on his retirement. Currently based in north Wales, Subhuti spends part of each year in India, leading retreats and giving lectures.

He is author of The Buddhist Vision: A Path to Fulfilment (2001), Sangharakshita: A New Voice in the Buddhist Tradition (2003), Buddhism and Friendship (2004) and Mind in Harmony: The Psychology of Buddhist Ethics (2015), all published by Windhorse Publications.

Find out more about Subhuti’s life, teachings and talks on his website.

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