Cyberloka: A Buddhist Guide to Digital Life


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Coming November 2022

Prajnaketu takes us into the world of the cyberloka – the online realm in which so much of our lives now take place. This short, punchy and often funny book offers deep Buddhist insights that help us manage and flourish in the digital age of hyperavailability, superstimulation, and social media.

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‘Prajnaketu has written a deeply thoughtful, nuanced, contemporary account of how Buddhists can relate to their digital life. Rather than offering simple solutions based on a now vanished, pre-Internet past, he accepts that the digital landscape is an inescapable part of our lives in the 21st century, and offers a wide-ranging critique of how we can best navigate this new world.’ – Vidyamala Burch, author of Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Women, and Co-Founder of The Breathworks Foundation

‘Prajnaketu knows from experience the deep, restorative value of awareness and positive emotion when it comes to facing the new kinds of challenges inherent in an online world. His non-judgmental, unfailingly kind, and witty engagement with the thornier aspects of the Web promotes open-ended dialogue with the reader.’ – Candradasa, Founding Director of Free Buddhist Audio and The Buddhist Centre Online. Author of Buddhism for Teens

‘An engagingly personal dialogue between Buddhism and how to survive life in the metaverse. Read it and be enlightened!’ – Robin Dunbar, Professor, University of Oxford

‘Prajnaketu offers a clear-sighted and refreshing Buddhist critique of our digital lives, free from dogma and moralising. Besides this, we now have a new sutta – the Facebook Sutta – to guide us.’ – Shantigarbha, activist, mediator and author of The Burning House: A Buddhist Response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency and I'll Meet You There: A Practical Guide to Empathy, Mindfulness and Communication

‘Prajnaketu doesn't tell us what to think, instead he teaches us how to think about the ethics of our internet use. Cyberloka is the Buddhist guide that's been waiting to be written!’ – Subhadramati, author of Not About Being Good: A Practical Guide to Buddhist Ethics