Mindfulness for Women: Declutter Your Mind, Simplify Your Life, Find Time to ‘Be’ (Paperback)

Vidyamala Burch
Claire Irvin

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A book and CD/audio download package which offers the perfect introduction to mindfulness meditation for time-pressed women who want an accessible way into the benefits of mindfulness.


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Mindfulness for Women: Declutter Your Mind, Simplify Your Life, Find Time to ‘Be’

Vidyamala Burch and Clare Irvin

Includes CD/audio download of guided meditations.

No matter who we are, or what stage of life we are at, we all long for similar things: to be happy, connected with others, in touch with a sense of calm and peace, vital, alive and joyful. And we long to be able to ride out the tough patches that hit all of us from time to time with some degree of grace and dignity.

The good news is that we fulfil these longings at any time, in any place. They are only a moment away, a breath away. We can learn how to be comfortable with our body, know and understand our mind, and love our heart. it isn’t difficult, long-winded or time-consuming. In doing so you’ll feel happier in your own skin, less stressed, more confident, more capable and more at ease with yourself and your life.

This is what Mindfulness for Women is about. It is a practical guide to coming home to yourself in each present moment. To finding the ledge behind the waterfall. To resting in the depths of the ocean rather than being tossed about by surface waves.

Vidyamala Burch is co-founder of the well-respected Breathworks pain management organization http://www.breathworks-mindfulness.org.uk. She suffers from long-term physical pain due to major spinal injuries, and has practised and taught mindfulness and meditation, particularly as a support to living with pain, for many years. She is also author of Living Well with Pain and Illness and (with Dr Danny Penman) of Mindfulness for Health, which was awarded first prize (Popular Medicine) at the BMA Medical Book Awards 2014.

Clare Irvin is a journalist and leading magazine editor. Latterly, she was Editor of She magazine, where she was responsible for a critically acclaimed relaunch. Prior to She, Irvin was Editor at Large of weekly glossy Grazia.


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