Other Than Mother (Paperback)


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What a truly beautiful book. Touching on issues close to the heart – stewardship, legacy and interconnectedness – Kamalamani talks of birthing of another kind. ~ Polly Higgins


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Other Than Mother: Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind
A private decision with global consequences

Choosing to have children is a private decision with global consequences. Other Than Mother explores the decision-making process around not having children. It is in three parts:

Part I The Worldly Winds explores the backdrop to deciding whether or not to have children, including the cultural changes brought about by a rise in voluntary/intentional childlessness.

Part II A Private Decision with Global Consequences explores the pros and cons in the decision-making process, including ecological and environmental considerations.

Part III New Horizons and Baby-sized Projects explores living with the decision.

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What a truly beautiful book. Touching on issues close to the heart – stewardship, legacy and interconnectedness – Kamalamani talks of birthing of another kind. Having children can be a choice. Or more specifically, choosing not to have children – often a far less spoken about subject. Kamalamani faces this shadow and explores it deeply, compassionately and lovingly. ~ Polly Higgins, International Ecocide law advocate, CEO of Earth Community Trust. Author of Eradicating Ecocide and Earth is our Business.

Any woman considering whether or not to become a mother will find invaluable support in this book. Kamalamani explores the issues which face us, both from her own vivid and personal experiences, her Buddhist practice, her heartfelt concern for the future of our planet and her engagement with contemporary studies. It’s a unique, rich, and above all, empathic response to what can be a struggle for many women in search of meaning, fulfillment and identity in their lives. ~ Dharmacharini Maitreyi, Triratna Buddhist Order member and preceptor, training women for ordination.

For readers weighing the choice of whether or not to try for a baby, or seeking wisdom on decision making per se, this clear and gentle, knowing and engaging work will be of excellent counsel. In it the author recalls and refines her own personal experience, brings to bear her professional understanding, and invokes a bodhisattva concern for the other than human life on earth. In 'Other than Mother' Kamalamani gives us a timely, compassionate, skilful guide. ~ Stephanie Mills, Ecological activist, Lecturer, author of Epicurean Simplicity and Whatever Happened to Ecology? and Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute.

I found this book a useful guide to life in general, of living together with all sentient beings, including the Earth herself, in harmony and compassion, helping to create a fairer world and healthier planet. Refreshingly, she talks of the realm of not having children as a positive thing and challenges the notion of Womanhood equaling Motherhood along with a wish for open dialogue between those that are parents and those that aren't, so that the wealth of experience of both can be heard wholeheartedly. ~ Cheryl Tipple, She Who Knows magazine

I do believe it should be required background reading for anyone working in reproductive medicine. Surely we need to understand the personal attitudes and motivations that underline the seismic shifts in society following the development of effective contraception. ~ Susan Quilliam, Writer, Broadcaster, Consultant, Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care Volume 42, Issue 3.