The Body (Paperback)


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Through a variety of thoughtfully led meditations, in The Body Paramananda teaches us how to listen to our bodies, to develop a more satisfying understanding of ourselves.

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The Body

Meditate and discover the wisdom that the body holds.

Paramananda shows us how to bring a kind and inquiring awareness to our physical experience. Through a variety of thoughtfully led meditations he teaches us how to listen to our bodies, to hear the messages we often ignore. We can quickly feel the benefits in a deeper, fuller and more satisfying understanding of ourselves and our relationships.

Paperback, 144 pages – Published: 05/06/2007

1 review for The Body (Paperback)

  1. deanleivers

    A wonderful book, small in size but not in detail. Full of practical advice and exercises it helped me to further realise the importance of the focus on the body as part of a full mediation practice, not just when seated in meditation. This book would also be a great starting point for those new to or in the early stages of developing a regular meditation practice.

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