The Inconceivable Emancipation: Themes from the Vimalakirti-Nirdesa eBook


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Step into the magical, paradoxical world of a Mahayana Buddhist scripture. Mahayana Buddhism emphasizes the ideal of the Bodhisattva, one who seeks to become Enlightened out of a compassionate desire to help all living beings.

In this video, Vajragupta shares his enthusiasm for The Inconceivable Emancipation.

In this video, Ratnaguna explains how reading The Inconceivable Emancipation has led him to a life-long love of the Vimalakirti-Nirdesa.

The most recent edition of this book is found in Volume 16 of The Complete Works of Sangharakshita, and is available in hardback, paperback and eBook format.

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1 review for The Inconceivable Emancipation: Themes from the Vimalakirti-Nirdesa eBook

  1. five.cram

    I am not a Triratna member, I have enjoyed the Vimalakirti Nirdesa for some time – it was the first Mahayana sutra I read, and I would recommend starting with it. It is witty, deep in its expression of non-duality, amusing in its storyline – and sometimes actually funny. So it is not a typical sutra. You can get a lot from reading it with no commentary, other than Robert Thurman’s introduction – go for his version, I’d recommend.

    So what does Sangharakshita add? Rather than a commentary, this, as it says, takes themes he picks up from the sutra and expands upon them in an engaging way. He gives a good perspective, some welcome teachings, and opens the book of the sutra to a deeper understanding. I really enjoyed reading it, and I want to read it – and the sutra – again after finishing it.


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