The Myth of Meditation (print + eBook)


A grounded approach to Buddhist meditation and practice. Paramananda offers an approach that is a challenge both to the way we experience ourselves, and the way in which we see and ‘be’ in the world. He guides us in grounding meditative experience in the body, turning towards experience in a kindly and intelligent way, and seeing through to another way of understanding and being in the world.

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Paramananda’s latest book…is beautifully simple, earthy, inviting a subtle, sensitive and poetic meeting of ourselves… This book will help you find your way back to your own vulnerable heart... – Jayaraja, Chair of Buddhafield, author of The Yellow Book of Games and Energizers

A critical and necessary book to read, to practise and to embody. Brilliant in its depth and simplicity, Paramananda allows meditation to become poetry, to return to its “original face.” – Michael Shea, PhD, meditation teacher and founder of

Paramananda beautifully examines how spiritual practice is both a deeply intimate relationship with oneself, and inextricably connected to the world we live in. He brings far-reaching Buddhist teachings down to earth and encourages us to be curious, as we simply sit with the breathing body, or open to suffering – our own and others' – in such a way that liberates the heart. – Vajradevi, meditation teacher and author of