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There's More to Dying Than Death (Paperback)

There's More to Dying Than Death draws on the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of positively preparing for death throughout one's life. Lama Shenpen Hookham offers Westerners like herself a warm, readable and heartfelt exposition on the issues that surround death and caring for the dying.

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There's More to Dying Than Death eBook


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  1. five.cram

    There’s much more to it than the Tibetan Buddhist teachings on the dying process and the bardos – only one of eleven chapters deals with that. The key elements here are how meditation and the Buddhist view can help us understand death, and how we can put this to good use for our own death and in helping others deal with death.

    The opening chapters are a great introduction to the Tibetan Buddha Nature teachings – from a personally identifiable perspective. It’s the intrinsic knowledge of our hearts which fires this book, giving the specific advice of later chapters the hallmark of good sense. So much so that this would be a useful book for non-Buddhists too, as well as adding to the understanding of experienced practitioners.

    Definitely recommended.

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