Vegetarianism: A Buddhist View (Paperback)


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By considering why people eat meat and relating this to Buddhist ethics, Bodhipaksa explores habits and the possibility of change.

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“A unique look into the morals behind vegetarianism” — The Vegetarian Society

2 reviews for Vegetarianism: A Buddhist View (Paperback)

  1. vmom

    Since I was a child I have been known as the one who catches spiders and puts them outside, rather than stepping on them…I caught a rainbow trout one time, and put it back. I cannot kill an animal, so why do I eat meat? This book helped me to see a much bigger picture. Gentle and compassionate. That’s how I want to live my life too.

  2. Clarice H

    Having been a vegetarian for a fairly short time now, this book reinforced my commitment.

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