Did you know that Windhorse Publications have brought out over seventy titles by Sangharakshita? And that is just Windhorse! Sangharakshita’s output is prolific. Here at the outset of the Complete Works project, Vidyadevi and I are working to divide up all Bhante’s published titles, as well as unpublished material, into six ‘baskets’, such as Core Teachings, Commentaries and so on. Each basket contains a number of volumes and each volume will include a number of texts.

I’ve started work on a volume of India texts that includes Ambedkar and Buddhism, Sangharakshita’s lucid and highly inspiring account of Ambedkar’s life and work, of his encounters with Ambedkar, and with the movement he inaugurated, plus writings that have long been out of circulation, such as A Bird’s Eye View of Indian Buddhism, Political and Economic Implications of Buddhism, Buddhism and Education, The Position of Buddhism in India and others.

But we keep finding more! Bhante has just sent me a box file of edited transcripts of lectures that he gave on his major tours in India in the early 1980s, including some that have never been published. Many Indian – and some Western – Order members will remember Bhante giving these lectures but have had no way of accessing them since. Once this India volume is out, they will be able to revisit them and everyone will be able to read what Bhante has to say on some highly important topics relating to education, the new Buddhist movement, aspects of the Dharma and so on.

Meanwhile, Vidyadevi is getting to work on a volume for the Commentaries basket that will include a new Spoken Word text – Milarepa and Rechungpa – highly topical, of course, for this is Bhante on discipleship.

And we are looking to see which titles are out of print. The Rainbow Road, Bhante Sangharakshita’s first volume of memoirs, which has been an inspiration for many people, is one. With the Complete Works project we are going to be able to bring out this and all other titles that are currently out of print.

And you may not have to wait as long as you thought to see the first volumes. We plan to bring out a tranche of books, say three or four at a time, from the different ‘baskets’ over the next five years. In this way you can gradually build up a complete library….


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