On 26th August Sangharakshita will be 90 years old! Over the years he has taught and written much on meditation. So, as part of marking his birthday, we are very pleased to again make available a book that brings together most of this teaching: The Purpose and Practice of Buddhist Meditation.

When asked what he would like for his birthday, Sangharakshita said that his wish is for his legacy of written Dharma to continue to reach people all over the world. Please help make this a reality by donating to the Sangharakshita@90 fundraising campaign. All of the money raised will go directly into keeping his books in print.

And at Windhorse we are helping prepare Sangharakshita’s birthday present. Here’s an article by Kalyanaprabha which explains the exciting plans we have for the publication of Sangharakshita’s complete works.

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