The Complete Works of Sangharakshita Volume 25: Poems and Short Stories

In his preface to the Complete Poems published in 1994 Sangharakshita wrote that his poems ‘constitute a sort of spiritual autobiography, sketchy indeed, but perhaps revealing, or at least suggesting, aspects of my life that would not otherwise be known’.

Sangharakshita wrote many more poems after 1994, and more from his early years have come to light. This volume contains all of them, offering a truly complete collection. It also includes six short stories, some of them previously unpublished, which shed new light on the imagination and perceptions of their author.

The volume has a foreword by Padmavajra and two essays, by Vishvantara and Vishvapani, which introduce the poems in different ways. There are also edited transcripts of two talks Sangharakshita gave about specific poems, as well as a sequence of conversations about his poetry that he had with Saddhanandi towards the end of his life.

In addition to the index of first lines included in the Complete Poems, there are two new indexes designed to help the reader find content quickly and easily: one of titles and another of subjects, themes and references.