This is the eighth week that we’ll be sharing a weekly e-book from our collection of published books. When we started in March, it seemed likely that it would be something we’d do for a month or two at the most. Yet here we are, two months later, and this new future stretches before us.This week we’re giving away Subhuti’s Mind in Harmony: the psychology of Buddhist ethics. You can download it free here until 25 May. You can buy a paper copy here.

Subhuti’s popular 2015 book is based on a series of talks and retreats in India and Europe on the 51 Mental Events. In his commentary he has reordered the traditional map to make it more navigable, he includes a great section on views, and gives down to earth and very practical advice on how to watch and transform the mind.

This book is a great guide to being deeply honest about the activity of my heart-mind, and to finding ways of turning towards skilfulness and kindness. I hope you enjoy it.