DRM-free eBooks

1) Our eBooks are DRM-free

When you purchase eBooks direct from us, you get them free of Digital Rights Management, the encryption on a digital book tying it to a particular device, whether it’s the iPad, Nook or Kindle. By making our eBooks DRM-free, we’re giving you the same ownership of your eBooks that you have with print books – you can read your eBook on any device that you choose.

2) You can get up to 30% off

If you purchase your DRM-free eBooks from our website, you can take advantage of our subscription offers which give you up to 30% off all of our DRM-free eBooks (as well as our books and CD guides).

3) You’re supporting a non-for-profit Buddhist business

Any surplus income we make is invested straight back into our books, so by purchasing your eBooks from us, you’re ensuring that more of the price you pay goes to supporting our commitment to share the Buddha’s teachings more widely in the contemporary world.

Find out more at windhorsepublications.com/ebooks

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