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To tie in with The Buddhist Centre Online’s Triratna Day celebrations, until April 10th we’re giving away the eBook edition of Subhuti’s Sangharakshita: A New Voice in the Buddhist Tradition. Download your free copy here.

Windhorse author Shantigarbha is offering six-week online courses on the theme of responding to the climate and ecological emergency, based on his new book The Burning House, due to be published in August (see below). The first course begins March 18th. Find out more here. 

We’re looking for a new marketing person to join the Windhorse Publications team, so if you’d like to help us in our mission to spread the Dharma through books, we’d love to hear from you. Applications close March 19th. Find out more about the post.

New books this year

We’ll be publishing six new books in 2021: a practical guide to meditation and mindfulness based on the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta, an introduction to the role of women in the Buddhist tradition, a Buddhist response to the climate and ecological emergency, and three new volumes of Sangharakshita’s Complete Works. Here are some more details about this year’s new books, listed by the month they’re due to be published.


Uncontrived Mindfulness: Ending Suffering through Attention, Curiosity and Wisdom
by Vajradevi

Uncontrived Mindfulness is a fresh and comprehensive look at how we can use mindfulness to look at the mind and how it works. The emphasis throughout is on cultivating wisdom, using the tools of attention and curiosity to recognize and see through the delusion that is causing our suffering.

Vajradevi is a warm and insightful guide to this exploration, drawing on her intensive and wide-ranging practice of Satipaṭṭhāna meditation. Sponsor Uncontrived Mindfulness The paperback edition of Uncontrived Mindfulness is now available for pre-order on our website. Pre-order Uncontrived Mindfulness


I Hear Her Words: An Introduction to Women in Buddhism
by Alice Collett

Buddhist doctrines provide no justification for the notion that women are inferior to men, but Buddhism was born and took root in societies that held traditional views of women, and social norms positioning women as inferior to men have found their way into Buddhist tradition.

I Hear Her Words tells the stories of many inspiring Buddhist women who overcame attempted constraint to gain liberation and become esteemed teachers. It’s an ideal introduction to gender studies in Buddhism and the history of women in the tradition. Sponsor I Hear Her Words


The Burning House: A Buddhist Response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency
by Shantigarbha

Buddhists give great importance to mindfulness, wisdom, compassion and interconnectedness, qualities that often make them deeply concerned about the environment and climate change.

The Burning House asks how we can wake up and respond to the climate and ecological crisis from a Buddhist perspective. It will be of interest both to Buddhists concerned about the climate, and to eco-activists wishing to ground their work in a spiritual context. Sponsor The Burning House


The Complete Works of Sangharakshita Volume 5: The Purpose and Practice of Buddhist Meditation
by Sangharakshita

This volume is a substantial compilation of Sangharakshita’s teachings on meditation. Whether dipped into, consulted on a specific subject or read from cover to cover, this book offers practical, inspiring and encouraging advice for new and experienced meditators alike. It is deeply imbued with the Buddhist vision of the role of meditation in the quest for Enlightenment.

The Complete Works of Sangharakshita Volume 7: Crossing the Stream: India Writings I
by Sangharakshita

The essays gathered here were written between 1944 and 1964. Ranging from The Unity of Buddhism, written in London at the age of only eighteen, to the panoramic A Bird’s Eye View of Indian Buddhism, published on his return from India, all that distinguishes Sangharakshita’s thought as teacher, synthesizer and translator is already evident here: the unity underlying all Buddhist schools, the inspiring ideal of the Bodhisattva, and the certainty that the Dharma is urgently needed in the modern world.

The Complete Works of Sangharakshita Volume 10: Dr Ambedkar and the Revival of Buddhism II
by Sangharakshita

This companion to volume 9 begins with a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism and the dramatic history of the Buddhist revival in India. Articles on the mass conversion in 1956 and Sangharakshita’s visit to Nagpur at the time of Dr Ambedkar’s death are followed by the story of Sangharakshita’s teachings among the new Buddhists, together with notes from some of the talks he gave. In a later sequence of talks he tells Indian audiences about the Buddhist movement he has founded in the West and western audiences about the Indian sangha. The volume culminates in a commentary on the Udāna.

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