Subhadramati's Not About Being Good

Thanks for all your contributions to our Not About Being Good competition, we really enjoyed reading all of the entries. We are very happy to announce that the winner of the signed copy of Not About Being Good, chosen by the Windhorse Publications team and Subhadramati, is Beverley Hooper with “I love Buddhist ethics because they challenge me to live a better life. They are simple to understand and yet hard to do!” Congratulations Beverley!

Here are some more of our favourite entries:

“…the precepts in particular are like sign posts on the road that help me decide which direction I want to go.”

“…as best they can, they point to the truth that waits patiently smiling from behind the words.”

“…in the place of God it puts every living human being.”

“…it is the foundation of all Buddhist practice and absolutely necessary for awakening. It is also foundational to our (Buddhist Pathways Prison Project) work in bringing the Buddha’s teachings into prison populations.”

“… it is not obeying rules, but acting in harmony with reasonable and enjoyable mental states.”

“…they give me a framework for living my life in terms of behaviors to avoid and positive actions to take. I love that the precepts all interact with each other!”

“…Son el camino para una vida libre de sufrimiento para poder alcanzar la iluminación.”

If you’re not the lucky winner, remember that you can still receive 15% off the book by signing up for our free Standard Membership.

Thanks again for sharing your love of Buddhist ethics with us!

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