Help with your eBooks

Downloading your eBook

You can download your eBook from our website immediately after your order is completed.

To open and read an eBook, you need either an eBook app on your computer, tablet or smartphone, or a dedicated e-reader device. Popular – and free – eBook apps include Amazon’s Kindle app (for iOS, Android, Mac and PC), Apple Books (for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch; Apple Books comes pre-installed on Mac), Calibre (for PC and Mac) and Adobe Digital Editions (for iOS, Android, Mac and PC). Popular e-reader devices include Kindle, Nook, Kobo and PocketBook.

If you have an account on our site

You can download your eBooks from the Downloads section of your account page.

You can also download it by clicking on the download links in the order confirmation email you will have been sent when your order was completed. Didn’t get the email? See below.


If you don’t have an account

If you don’t have an account, you can download your eBook by clicking on the download links in the order confirmation email you will have been sent when your order was completed. Didn’t get the email? See below.

Customers with an account receive 10% discount on most purchases and have easy access to downloads from orders placed when logged in. You can create an account here.

My order confirmation email didn’t arrive

If you didn’t receive an order confirmation email within a few minutes of completing your order, please check the spam or junk folder of your email provider to make sure the email hasn’t been erroneously marked as spam. If it was, please consider adding to your email address book to help ensure that doesn’t happen in future.

If you still can’t find your email but have an account, see above for how to download your eBook. If you don’t have an account, please contact us for help.

I downloaded my eBook but can’t find the file

If you’ve downloaded your eBook but can’t find it on your computer, please try the following:

I downloaded from a link in an email

If you use an email program on your computer, it sometimes downloads files into a different folder from the one your web browser uses. Please check your program’s settings to find out where it downloads files if you are not sure.

I downloaded from a link in a web browser

On desktop computers, your web browser normally downloads files to a Downloads folder. Please check your web browser’s settings to find out where this is if you are not sure.

I use an iOS device (iPad, iPhone)

iOS automatically recognises eBooks in epub format when you download them and prompts you to open them in the iBooks app, if it is installed. You should see a bar across the top of your screen as shown below – click on Open in iBooks to open your ebook and add it to your library.


File formats


We provide all our eBooks in ePub format. ePub files can be read by all eBook apps and almost all e-reader devices. The only exceptions are the earliest editions of the Amazon Kindle e-reader (Kindle 1, 2 & 3).


We are no longer providing our eBooks in mobi format. If your eBook reader only reads mobi files, there are many websites that convert ePub to mobi free of charge. We recommend Convertio.

File extensions

A file extension is the part of a filename after the . e.g. .txt in file.txt. If the extension is missing your computer will not know which program to use to open the file.

Some operating systems hide the extension of a file by default. To show them, try this for OS X , and this for Windows.

If your device says it cannot recognise the eBook file, please check it is in the right format for your device and that the file extension is present.

If your ebook files do not show an extension or have an extension which is not .epub or .mobi, and your software cannot recognize or open the files, try renaming the file with .epub or .mobi as the extension, as this often enables the file to be readable.

Contact us

If you need further help with using your eBook, please contact us.

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