Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery meditations

Guided Meditation Practices for Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery by Valerie Mason-John

Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery (MBAR) is a course for professionals working in the field of addiction and or mindfulness to deliver to their clients or participants. The eight-week course is designed to give people in recovery new skills to help maintain their sobriety and abstinence. These are the recordings for the led meditations used in MBAR that complement the hand-outs and session plans compiled in the MBAR manual.

1. Body Scan. This meditation takes us through the sensations of the body in a systematic way. It is usually done lying down, but can also be done sitting up.

2. Mindful Exercises. These exercises are mostly taken from Tai Chi and are done standing up. In principle, any set of exercises could be used, for example from yoga or simple stretches. The aim is to bring awareness to sensations of the body while we are moving.

3. Mindfulness of Breath and Body. This two-stage meditation is preceded by going through the body as preparation for the meditation. During the first stage the sensations of the breath are followed, without trying to control the breath in any way. In the second stage awareness is expanded to include any body sensations that appear.

4. Mindfulness of Breath, Body, Sounds and Thoughts. The first two stages of this meditation are the same as the preceding one. In the third stage sounds become the object of attention – trying to notice the raw sensations of the sounds and letting go of any stories that arise in association with the sounds. In the final stage thoughts are observed, in the same way as sounds, allowing the thoughts to arise and pass by in a broad awareness.

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