Gautama Buddha: The Life and Teachings of the Awakened One


Weaving ancient sources and modern understanding into a compelling narrative, Gautama Buddha places his birth around 484 BCE, his Enlightenment in 449 BCE and his death in 404 BCE, a century later than the traditional dates. Vishvapani examines Gautama’s words and impact to shed fresh light on his culture, his spiritual search and the experiences and teachings that led his followers to call him ‘The Awakened One’.

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Master of clarity and simplicity, Vishvapani presents through the life of Buddha an understanding of Buddhism of immense relevance to the way we live now - Dorothy Rowe, author of Beyond Fear and Depression: The Way Out of Your Prison

Blomfield's ambitious full-length biography of Gautama Buddha--the source and voice of one of the world's leading religions--is expertly delivered by narrator Jonathan Keeble. The epic tale is unique in that it relays both the main teachings of Buddhism as presented in the Discourses, as well as background information from historians and scholars. This is a tale that listeners can settle into and become fully absorbed in--much like meditation itself. - Jonathan Keeble © AudioFile 2016