Sangharakshita Complete Works Paperback & eBook Subscription

Choosing the Paperback & eBook subscription option means that you pay just £18.33 per bundled volume, a saving of 34% on the standard retail prices. The annual payment is £99 and you will receive all 27 volumes by post and email link over seven years. Please note that all the subscription options are not subject to either of our membership discounts, i.e. the Free Sign-up or Supporting Membership.

You will receive the eBook and paperback of Volume 1: A Survey of Buddhism/The Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path, Volume 3: The Three Jewels II, Volume 9: Dr Ambedkar and the Revival of Buddhism I, Volume 16: Mahayana Myths and Stories, Volumes 18 and 19: Milarepa and the Art of Discipleship I and II, Volume 20: The Rainbow Road from Tooting Broadway to Kalimpong, and Volume 21: Facing Mount Kanchenjunga on subscription.

£99.00 / year for 5 years

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… the Dharma is described as sanditthiko, which can be translated as ‘immediately apparent’. In other words, you will see the results of your practice of the Dharma yourself, in this lifetime. – Sangharakshita