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New podcast episode with Vimalasara

It’s always good news when one of our books starts selling well. But in this case, the popularity of Eight Step Recovery: Using the Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction points to the rise of compulsive and addictive behaviour and thought over lockdown and beyond. Dhammamegha sat down to talk with the book’s co-author, Valerie Mason-John (Buddhist Order name Vimalasara).

Perhaps you’re aware of compulsion in yourself or others. In this podcast, Vimalasara and Dhammamegha talk about ‘stinking thinking’ and the difficult and beautiful path to sobriety of thoughts and feelings: putting something positive and wholesome at the centre of our lives.

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We’re now stocking The Race Conversation

Dhammamegha writes:

‘The famous fifth verse of the Dhammapada (Sangharakshita’s translation) reads:

“Not by hatred are hatreds ever pacified here (in the world). They are pacified by love. This is the eternal law.”

 This verse kept coming to mind when I read Eugene Ellis’s recently published book The Race Conversation, and when I heard him talk at Buddhafield a few months ago about supporting difficult conversations around race.

Eugene is a mitra at the London Buddhist Centre who’s in training for ordination. He’s also a therapist who works with black clients and trains therapists through The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network, which he founded and directs.

It can be so difficult and often painful to have personal and collective conversations about race and racism. We wanted to bring Eugene’s book to your attention and make it more widely available as a deeply compassionate and skilful resource for helping us to have those conversations in our sangha and beyond, whatever your identity or race experience. I hope you find it as helpful as I have.’

– Dhammamegha

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In case you missed it…

We recently released Nagapriya’s The Promise of a Sacred World: Shinran’s Teaching of Other Power. To celebrate the launch, Ratnaguna spent over an hour in conversation with Nagapriya about the book. You can watch their thought-provoking and in-depth conversation here.

‘I’ll bet you’ve never, ever read a Buddhist book like this one.’ – Ratnaguna

We’ve got a special offer to celebrate the release: for customers who buy the paperback edition of The Promise of a Sacred World from our website, we’re offering Nagapriya’s other books, Visions of Mahayana Buddhism and Exploring Karma and Rebirth at a whopping 40% discount. To take advantage of this offer, simply click on the first link below (UK & Europe).

Buy ‘The Promise of a Sacred World’ (UK & Europe)

Buy ‘The Promise of a Sacred World’ (US & Canada)

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