Satyadasa’s unputdownable memoir, The Sound of One Hand, chronicles one man’s attempt to lead a Buddhist life. For Satyadasa the Buddhist path has been fulfilling and often joyous, but also full of doubts and obstacles. What does it mean to be a Buddhist in the West in the twenty-first century? And is being born with one hand a curse – or a blessing?

We’re delighted to announce the release of the audiobook edition of The Sound of One Hand, read by the author. If you’ve already got a copy of the book, you might like to buy the audiobook as a gift for a friend – most of the audiobook platforms where The Sound of One Hand is available have a gifting option.

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Triratna Day

Sangharakshita founded The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (now known as the Triratna Buddhist Community) on 8 April 1967. The anniversary of this is celebrated every year and is known as Triratna Day.

The theme of this year’s Triratna Day is ‘Roots in the Earth, Roots in the Sky’. Over the past fifty-five years, Triratna has evolved to become a truly international sangha in special – even sacred – spaces. Collaborating in the creation of these spaces has been crucial to how we’ve grown individually and collectively. This Triratna Day, we’re celebrating the significance of such spaces in our history and the work that is happening to put roots down in new places today. As Sangharakshita once said, for our Sangha to thrive we need really deep roots – roots, that is, in the sky! This way of speaking about bodhicitta is embodied in the image of the cosmic refuge tree.

This year’s Triratna Day celebrations take place on Saturday, 8 April, and are hosted online from Adhisthana and around the world. Events include a metta bhāvanā meditation led by Suryagupta, chair of the London Buddhist Centre; a conversation with Windhorse author, Nagabodhi, about his new book Sangharakshita: The Boy, the Monk, the Man; a talk by Saddhanandi on The Electric Charge of Communication; stories from Triratna pioneers around the world; an exploration of the refuge tree with the College of Public Preceptors; and a bilingual puja (in Spanish and English) from the Mexico City Buddhist Centre.

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Book recommendation for Triratna Day: Sangharakshita: The Boy, the Monk, the Man

Nagabodhi’s absorbing and intimate portrait of Sangharakshita, Sangharakshita: The Boy, the Monk, the Man, gives a behind-the-scenes perspective on the new Buddhist movement he founded.

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