Moksananda was born in 1960 in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England. In the late seventies he became a sannyasin with Osho, before discovering Triratna in Norwich. He was ordained in 1985.
In 1987 he went to Spain to help set up Guhyaloka, and the following year moved to Valencia where he established the Valencia Buddhist Centre and began the work of establishing Triratna in Spain and the Spanish-speaking world. Since the late ’90s he has been travelling frequently to support Triratna activities in Latin America, particularly Mexico.

As a public preceptor he is responsible for the ordination process of Spanish-speaking men around the world. He is president of Guhyaloka, where the men’s 4-month ordination courses are held, and author of Ordination (Windhorse Publications, 2004).

Moksananda lives with his family just outside of Valencia, and in recent years has taken up film making:

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