Exploring Karma & Rebirth


In Exploring Karma & Rebirth Nagapriya helps us to unravel the complexities of these two important but often misunderstood Buddhist doctrines.



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3 reviews for Exploring Karma & Rebirth

  1. Winton Higgins

    We are nudging into a phase when western Buddhists are seeking to explicitly re-orient traditional doctrine for practitioners with western cultural experience. This development breaks with the previous polite silence around the ways in which certain traditional Buddhist orientations grate on modern western sensibilities. Nagapriya proposes we take a good hard look at the conventional Buddhist understandings of karma and rebirth; to see how coherent, plausible, and appropriate to our cultural experience and spiritual priorities they really are.
    In my experience of teaching introductory courses on Buddhism, no question excites more curiosity than rebirth, and none deserves more attention than karma and the ethical foundations of the Dharma. After reading Exploring Karma and Rebirth, I’m going to be giving much clearer answers to these enquiries in the future. Don’t miss this one!

  2. Stephen Batchelor

    ‘Exploring Karma and Rebirth’ is an excellent introduction to and critical overview of the complex and frequently misinterpreted Buddhist doctrines of karma and rebirth, of interest to anyone in need of a clear presentation of the strengths and weaknesses of these ideas.

  3. Zoketsu Norman Fischer

    A cogent, knowledgeable, and penetrating discussion of this critical Buddhist theme. Nagapriya quotes judiciously from traditional sources and provides clarifying contemporary examples as he deftly cuts through scholastic doctrine in an effort to answer the question: “How can a modern Western practitioner usefully understand the Buddhist teachings on karma?”

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